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Why works of art become works of art


Although the concept of artwork has changed dramaticall […]

Although the concept of artwork has changed dramatically over time, I think it can be said that an artwork is an object defined by the technology it uses, and an artwork is defined by its content.

Take Duchamp's fountain as an example, it is neither decorative nor delicate, and in fact, it has not been shown to the public. It was lost a few days after submission. Fountain became a case study because it extremely demonstrated how art is in some way separate from craftsmanship, form originality, and even its body, yet exists through its content.

However, this leads to another situation: craftsmanship only exists if it identifies the material or technology, and it turns out that art has surpassed its medium.

Establishing a separation between craftsmanship (proficient technology) and art (creation of content) is especially useful when studying early civilizations and primitive cultures, as it can distinguish cultural handicrafts from early artistic expressions. The technology-craftsmanship-of archeological artifacts proves the technological advancement of culture. On the other hand, the ornaments and patterns that often decorate them can be seen as early examples that represent reality and abstract ideas.

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