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Can mini potted plants be grown?


1. First of all, we must select fully natural ripe lemo […]

1. First of all, we must select fully natural ripe lemon fruit. If there is no fully natural ripe lemon fruit, the germination rate of its seeds is relatively low, and it is not easy to survive after germination.

   2. After taking out the lemon seeds from the fruit, select the relatively plump, large and complete lemon seeds. Try to choose as many lemon seeds as possible to prevent some lemon seeds from not germinating.

  3. Wash off the film on the lemon seeds with your hands, taking care not to damage the germination point of the seeds, which is the sharp part of the seeds. You can also remove the husk of the seed, but it is usually not necessary and recommended, because it is easier to damage the budding point when removing the Buddha zen garden factory

   Fourth, soak the lemon seeds in clean water, transfer them to a warm place and protect them from light. It takes about a week to soak. During this period, you should change the water once a day. There is also a lazy way to avoid soaking. It is also possible to plant lemon seeds directly in a flowerpot.


  5. After a week of soaking, you can plant lemon seeds in flower pots, and then just pour some water every day to keep the soil moist. Seed planting density can be slightly higher, the soil should be fertile and loose and airy.

   Six. After about another week or so, you should be able to see lemon seeds turn into seedlings and drill out of the soil. After the seedlings have grown for a period of time, the weaker seedlings can be cleaned out. If you like denser ones, keep a few more ones, if you don't like too dense ones, keep a few fewer ones, and only keep one plant for those that will bear fruit in the future.

  Reminder: This kind of lemon directly grown is usually difficult to produce fruit. If you want it to produce fruit, you must graft a good variety and learn some techniques for pruning lemons.

  The role of lemon seeds is not just to grow potted plants, it also has very good medicinal and cosmetic effects. The lemon seeds are made into eye cream, which has excellent moisturizing effect and fine wrinkle removal effect.
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