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Craft modeling of candle holder


The ancientsIron Wall Hanging Candle Holders factory ha […]

The ancientsIron Wall Hanging Candle Holders factory had a candlestick bai for burning candles, which was used to insert du candles and to receive dripping wax oil. The simple one is a dao tray with sharp needles, and the elegant one will cast zhuan into various craftsmanship shapes.

The size is also different. The small one is placed on the table of several cases and can be moved and walked in the hand, while the large one is placed close to the floor, shaped like a floor lamp. There are multiple trays that can burn several candles at the same time. There is also no lack of multi-layer candlesticks. After being filled with candles, it looks like a silver firework tree with brilliant light. The materials are silver, copper, iron, tin, wood, porcelain, tile and so on.

Home decorative art tealight iron candle holder wall hanging candle holder with glass tealight wall sconce


The candle holder is forged, carved, or painted, or cast with various patterns by the inverted mold process. It is a living utensil that integrates practicability, craftsmanship, ornamentation and decoration. Among them, there are many works of famous craftsmen in the past, with ingenuity and innovation in design and production process, which can not only display and admire, but also touch and play. And because it is very common, it has a relatively large amount of existence, and is easy to invest at a relatively low price. It is very suitable for mass players to make collections.

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