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How can fleshy grow fast?


1. Sunshine The lower limit of solar radiation for plan […]

1. Sunshine
The lower limit of solar radiation for plant growth is about 10MJ/㎡, which means that plants will grow if they exceed this number, and they will consume themselves if they are below this number.
The sunshine time and radiation amount in each area can be checked, let alone
I remember Beijing is about 49
Even 10 hours of sunshine per day, 4.9 per hour
In other words, if the sun shines for more than two and a half hours a day, the balance of payments will start to grow.

Cloudy, rain and snow, the sun weakens, the sunshine time will increase before it starts to grow
If it is less than two hours old, it will consume its own nutrients. Not only is it not long, but it is also pumped.
So to grow faster, the first requirement is long light time
2. Band
The wavelength of photosynthesis is in the range of 300 to 800 nanometers, and sunlight above and below this wavelength is useless
This band is probably between UVB and UVA
UVB effect is better, but it will be blocked by glass
So if the sun is exposed to the glass, the light time can be doubled to reach the equilibrium point
3. Space
Is the space for plant roots restricted?
To grow fast, the root system cannot be restricted
Succulents, the part below the ground is larger than the part above the ground
So if the plant China cement flower pots Companyis 5cm in diameter, you have to use an 8cm pot to grow fast
So if you want to grow the fastest, just plant it directly
It grows fastest on the ground directly, but if you let go of the long words, you will lose track of what you look like.
4. Temperature
Plants synthesize protein only within a certain temperature range
Protein is growth
In terms of succulents, it usually looks like 5 to 35 degrees above zero.
5. Humidity
Crassulaceae uses the method of sedum acid metabolism
Absorb water at night
So the humidity is high at night
High humidity, fast metabolism and fast growth
6. Nutrients
After the above are satisfied, it is a nutritious thing
Normal soil can meet nutrient needs

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