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How to color copper imitation crafts?


In our daily life, handicrafts are ubiquitous. Coloring […]

In our daily life, handicrafts are ubiquitous. Coloring is a very important step in the coloring of handicrafts in our homes, gardens, and shops.

1. The entity should be dry, and the white tire should be free of maggot eyes, sand spots, and dust.

2. Spray the diluted black paint evenly on the white tire, put the repaired white tire on the paint rack, and wait for it to dry. Generally, nitro black paint is used. Because of the low solid content of this paint, the texture of the resulting product is clear. In addition, this paint dries quickly and the construction efficiency is high.

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3. Don't adjust too much every time, mix the gold oil (sold in the printing shop) and the copper and gold powder into gold ink at a ratio of 1: 1, so as to control it within 4 hours.

4. Rub a small piece of glass a few times, dip a little gold ink with a pig hair brush. Mix the gold ink on the pig hair brush, and then use this brush to sweep the black paint on the white tire. The protruding part becomes golden because of the gold ink touching the brush, and the convex part comes into contact because of the contact Before it is still black, the entire surface is quickly scanned, and an antique copper product is displayed in front of you.

5. After the gold ink to be scanned is dried, leave it for a while. Spray a layer of varnish, the product is bright and realistic, and can be stored for a long time.

6. In order to prevent dryness from affecting the next use, the used brush should be cleaned with gasoline immediately.

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