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How to make plant bonsai?


The production method of plant bonsai is as follows: du […]

The production method of plant bonsai is as follows: du
The first step: buy fresh dao semi-finished zhuan plants from the flower and grass market, generally choose plants suitable for planting in the room, such as Chlorophytum, palm bamboo, prickly pear and other plants that can effectively purify the air.
Step 2: Move the plants into the flowerpot, first use a small spade to spread a layer of soil on the bottom of the flowerpotCement mini Buddha Statues Company, then put the plants in, and spread the soil again until the flowerpot is filled. What needs attention here is to ensure that the roots of the plants are buried in the soil, but not too deep, which affects the beauty of the plant bonsai plants.

Step 3: Do the first two steps. Basically, a plant bonsai has been made, but in order to be more beautiful, we can do some pruning and decoration of the pot at this time, and spread a layer on the soil surface in the market The colorful sand that I bought makes the plant bonsai more delicate and lovely.
Properly configure some stone accessories to represent the bonsai of the flower and grass landscape. The most important thing in making plant bonsai is the mutual use of clever names and clumsiness. In this way, it is easy to show elegance and charm. If the plant is a kind of big flower and big leaf, and the awkward taste is stronger, then the rock must be exquisite, peculiar, and transparent in shape.

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