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What are the characteristics of succulents?


1. Strong adaptability, du is particularly resistant to […]

1. Strong adaptability, du is particularly resistant to drought;

2. The shape is strange and unique, and there are many kinds of flowers, hairs, thorns, dao or edges, which will give people a novel sense of interest;

3. Easy to reproduce, basically self-support and self-reproduction can be achieved;

4. There are various postures, and it is an ideal type of indoor potted flowers.

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A succulent plant refers to a plant whose roots, stems, and leaves have at least one of the three vegetative organs that are thick and succulent and have the function of storing large amounts of water. It has at least one fleshy tissue. This tissue is a living tissue. Among other functions, it can store available water. When the soil moisture condition deteriorates and plant roots can no longer absorb and provide necessary water from the soil , It can make plants live independently from outside water supply temporarily. According to rough statistics, there are more than 10,000 species of succulents in the world, which belong to more than 100 families.


The daily maintenance of succulents is very simple, and it is more worry-free and labor-saving than other plants. However, because many people are still succulents in Xinjiekou, this interesting planting method makes the maintenance of succulents unavoidable. At the bottom, I think it’s rather mysterious. Now let’s talk about the management methods of succulents. What is the growth temperature of plants at a temperature of two degrees below zero and below 45 degrees, which means that its vitality is very strong. But the most suitable temperature difference is about 10 degrees. Second, the light is reflected mainly, and the three nutrient soils are generally good to use. Two copies are sitting on sand and two copies are not checked for small particles of bark or perlite at home. One granular compound fertilizer can be used as a base fertilizer for watering. Generally speaking, it is watered every five to 10 days in spring and autumn. In summer, generally look at the picture in the flowerpot. It is completely dry before watering. In winter, water less. When the weather is dry, the air There is very little moisture, especially the northern city is very dry. It is not good for the growth of plants. You have patience. In addition to the above conservation methods, plants also need your patience because of plants. Because the plant still needs your patience, because the plant is constantly growing, it will gradually undergo some changes. For example, two old leaves that are yellow and cut are rotten and need to be pruned.

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