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What are the uses of carbon carving crafts, and what precautions should be taken when buying?


For most people, they may not have heard of carbon carv […]

For most people, they may not have heard of carbon carving. Carbon carving is a kind of handicraft. It has many uses. It not only has valuable value, but also optimizes the air in the room. What is carbon carving? Carbon carving technology products are manufactured using block-shaped seamless activated carbon. Firstly, the customized high-quality powdered activated carbon is mixed with an appropriate amount of activated adhesive and evenly distributed. Then, the molecular suction compression molding technology is used to make a block-shaped activated carbon, and then the most advanced The three-state switching activation technology is used to remove the carbonization of the glue, and finally through the engraving, refurbishment and other processes, the activated carbon environmental protection technology product is produced.

 Purchase of carbon carving
1. Look at the carbon carving brand.

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 2. Carbon carving handicraft itself: consumers can weigh the product, if the product is too light, too heavy, no traces of carbon powder on the surface, reflective surface, shiny, it is inferior.
 3. Look at the pattern of carbon carving crafts: if the color is pure, round, non-reflective, and the paint has no irritating smell, it is a high-quality environmentally friendly silicon pigment with good permeability and no secondary pollution; otherwise it is a poor quality pigment, which is more likely to block carbon pores, Leading to secondary pollution, products are not in line with environmental protection concepts.
Precautions for use of carbon carving
1. elephant cement statue manufacturers cannot be cleaned and cannot be wet with water.
2. Try not to place carbon carving products in high-density, large-particle pollution areas.
3. The conductivity period of the product is calculated when the carbon carving package is opened.
4. When you do not use carbon carving products for many years, you need to seal them.
5. The vase series in the carbon carving cannot be used for placing flowers.
6. If the indoor environment is relatively wet, you can continue to use plastic bags to package carbon carving products. 7. If you accidentally get this product wet, it is best to use natural drying methods.
8. Keep flammable materials away from fire and avoid explosion.

The use of carbon carving
1. Detoxification: Adjustable room air, highly toxic, hazardous chemical gases such as ammonia, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (voc), benzene, toluene, etc. emitted by conductive decorative materials; can automatically adjust the humidity of the room space, making it gradually Comfortable and pleasant humidity (humidity between 50-60%); can release negative ions, sweet air, has a significant forest effect; can absorb electromagnetic waves and harm free charge particles, reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation to the human body.
 2. Anti-mildew: The adsorption catalytic function can easily make the mold-free space not only solve the problem of mildew but also remove the odor of mildew.
3. Sterilization: Effectively remove bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, white ringworm, mold, pyogenic bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc., and inhibit the widespread spread of pathogens such as enterovirus, influenza, and filtered viruses.

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