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What is the role of cement crafts mixed with talc?


Mixing talc powder in cement crafts can help the surfac […]

Mixing talc powder in cement crafts can help the surface of cement crafts to be smoother and stronger.

1. The particle size of talc powder is smaller than that of cement particles, and the particle size of cement particles is rougher. After mixing the two, they can be filled with each other to improve the compactness of cement crafts;
2. Talc powder: The English name of talc powder is PULVISTALCI,
(1) It is white or off-white, fine, non-sandy powder with greasy touch.
(2) Odorless and tasteless. This product is insoluble in water, dilute mineral acid or dilute alkaline hydroxide solution.

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(3) Can be used for medicinal purposes.

3. Cement: The word cement, developed from the Latin caementum, means crushed stone and flake stone. There are three main cement production processes.
(1) Cement cement grinding: The fine grinding of cement clinker usually adopts the circulating flow grinding process (ie closed-circuit operating system). In order to prevent the dust in the production from flying, cement plants are equipped with dust collection equipment. Electric dust collectors, bag dust collectors and cyclone dust collectors are commonly used dust collectors in cement plants.

(2) Cement clinker calcination: There are mainly two types of equipment for calcining clinker: vertical kilns and rotary kilns. Vertical kilns are suitable for small-scale production plants. Rotary kilns should be used for large and medium-sized factories.

(3) Grinding of raw meal: Cement process flow is divided into dry method and wet method. The dry method generally uses a closed-circuit operating system, that is, after the raw material is ground by the mill, it is sorted into the powder separator, the coarse powder is returned to the mill and then the grinding operation is carried out, and most of the materials are simultaneously dried and ground in the mill Process, the equipment used includes tube mill, intermediate unloading mill and roller mill. The wet method usually uses an open-circuit system such as a tube mill or a baseball mill that does not return through the mill once, but there are also closed-circuit systems with classifiers or curved screens.

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