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What type of cement is suitable for crafts?


Early bai strong cement is suitable for crafts.   Step: […]

Early bai strong cement is suitable for crafts.
  Step: du
   1. Make a model of zhi with the congealed soil, that is, "dao prototype"; 1653
   2. Pour potassium soapy water on it as a release agent;
   Three, use a mixed white cement slurry to pour on the prototype. For larger models, a sheath can be placed on the outer ring, and after the white cement dries hard, dig out the soil inside. If the structure of the prototype is complicated, a dividing line needs to be made. The dividing line must be at the high point of the prototype, and the outer white cement block is divided into several pieces to demould;


  4. Use potassium soap solution to evenly coat the inside of the white cement mold, and then pour the white cement slurry into the white cement mold. When operating, tap the white cement mold to make the bubbles in the white cement slurry float out;
   5. The mold can be separated from the mold China Cement Handicrafts Suppliers(can be used multiple times). You must also be very careful when breaking the shell so as not to damage the finished product.
   Handicraft (English: art craft) handicraft products. That is, products made by processing raw materials or semi-finished products by hand or machine. It is a general term for a group of valuable art products. Crafts come from life, but they create a value higher than life. It is the crystallization of people's wisdom, fully embodies the creativity and artistry of mankind, and is an invaluable treasure of mankind.

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