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What's wrong with the succulent leaves?


1. Choose a good soil For succulents with soil, Mushroo […]

1. Choose a good soil
For succulents with soil, Mushroom believes that the first thing to consider is whether bai can meet its conditions, and consider all aspects of the situation. If you grasp it well, it will naturally not be a problem. The biggest condition for succulents is good air permeability, followed by looseness and good drainage. These are all available, and they can basically be used.

If the flower friends are cultivating Lithops, you can use 7 parts of planting stone, 1 part of shell powder, fairy soil; if you are breeding terrestrial succulents, you can use 2 parts of nutrient soil, 2 parts of humus soil, and coarse This plan is 4 parts for sand and 1 part for light materials; if it is aquaculture 12 rolls, 2 parts for fairy soil, 1 part for light materials and 3 parts for pond foundation stone can be used.



2. Fertilize reasonably
Although Succulents does not need to be supplemented with nutrients, it also needs nutrient supplementation to maintain growth. Therefore, many flower lovers will use some flower fertilizers for Succulents to promote growth during the process of breeding Succulents. In the past, cake fertilizer, bone meal, rice bran, and animal manure were often used, but most of these were discarded because although these flower fertilizers are good, their fertilizer effects are released too slowly and the nutrients are not very comprehensive.

If you want to supplement the succulent nutrition China mini Buddha zen garden factorymore comprehensively, you have to apply some flower fertilizers with more ingredients. It is recommended to use some organic liquid fertilizers that promote the growth of succulents to make the leaves grow plumper and grow more prosperous. Of course, there are some points to pay attention to when fertilizing. For example, the fleshy leaves that have just been inserted cannot be fertilized immediately because the leaves do not take root and cannot be absorbed. Fertilization will only burn and die.

3. Water properly
In the four seasons of the year, the weather conditions in autumn and spring are similar. Succulents are also in prosperity at this time, but how to water to promote growth? In fact, it is also very simple. Generally, after the potting soil is completely dry, you can water it in about a week, and water it thoroughly, so that the leaves do not wrinkle. In summer, the weather is relatively hot, it consumes a lot of water, and the pot soil is dry. It can be watered in about 3 days, and it can be kept dry in winter.

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