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How are walnut crafts made?


Mold making needs to be done according to the designed […]

Mold making needs to be done according to the designed shape and size. Carpenter masters are required to help complete it. For complex shaped crafts, the corresponding molds should be made according to the specifications of the split unit.

The finished mold needs a polishing machine to polish the surface, and a layer of transparent tape is attached to the surface of the mold as an isolation layer. Because the surface of the tape is smooth and non-stick latex, it is convenient for us to demold in the future. When sticking transparent tape, we should make the paste smooth and avoid forming wrinkles or voids on the surface of the mold to change the shape of the mold itself. Especially at the bends of the mold, be careful when pasting.

Selection of materials The purchased pecans need to be selected before proceeding to the next step. When selecting, we should choose pecans with a diameter of more than 2.6 cm and good color. Because the large hickory is well developed, it is more suitable for us to cut and polish, and it is made into handicrafts, which shows a stronger hollowing effect and more artistic sense.

After selecting pecans that meet the requirements, you can proceed to the next process.

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If you want to cut the whole pecan into the core pieces we used in making crafts, two steps are needed, namely vertical cutting and horizontal cutting, and do not cut irregular shaped core pieces. Longitudinal cutting, cutting the height of the nucleus; horizontal cutting, cutting the thickness of the nucleus. Under normal circumstances, the height of the cut nuclei should be between 1.8 and 2.4 cm, and the thickness is 0.8 cm. Usually, one walnut can be cut into three pieces.Artificial Potted Plants Manufacturers

When slicing, we must remember that longitudinal cutting should be performed first, and then horizontal cutting should be performed. The speed of the saw blade should be about 2000 revolutions per minute. First, we clamped the walnuts with wooden clips. Then, we placed the wooden clips flat on the bench in front of the saw blade and slowly forwarded them out. When starting to cut, the hands holding the wooden clips should be kept stable to avoid accidents.

Dig Ren

The cut nucleus contains walnut kernels. We use hard objects with sharp edges to dig out these nuts. The nuts can be eaten and sold to food factories and other units. We must not lose sight of each other and cause unnecessary waste.

After digging the kernel, we also need to polish the nuclear chips that meet the specifications.

When grinding, the grinding wheel can be easily completed.

Method for making walnut handicrafts: taking walnut pen holder as an example

In the preparation work before production, the shape and specifications of the pen holder need to be designed. The pen holder we are going to make has a diameter of 8 cm and a height of 13 cm. The mold is made according to the specifications, and then the cut nuclear pieces are compared with the mold to make the required angle. To make a pen holder of this specification, we can expect that about 80 nuclear tablets are needed. Since there is no arc in the vertical direction of the pen holder, it is only necessary to polish the angle on both sides of the core sheet, and the polishing angle is about 36 degrees. When ready, we can paste it.


When pasting, we used the mold as a reference and support. In other words, we have to stick the core pieces together along the outline of the mold. Let's take a look at the sticky tube method.

First, we laid a piece of glass on the table to prevent latex from flowing on the workbench when pasting. After paving, place the mold on the glass.

The adhesive we use is ordinary latex, in order to make it similar to the color of the core tablet, we added a small amount of colorant to it. When pasting, we first take a core piece, adhere to the mold, put it in a good position, and then paste from bottom to top in turn. When pasting to the last piece, because the gap left may be too large or too small, we need to first use the nuclear chip to compare, after selecting the appropriate size of the nuclear chip, smear both sides connected to other nuclear chips Apply latex and paste. After pasting a circle, we make adjustments by hand to make the pasting surface compact and tidy. Until all the pasting is completed, finally, make an overall adjustment and press tightly to prevent the pasted nuclear slices from being uneven.

After pasting, let it dry naturally. Generally, the cooling strength of latex needs to reach more than 50%, which takes about 12 hours. We can tap the pen holder with our hands to determine whether it is firmly attached before we are ready to demold.

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