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What are the characteristics of folk crafts?


Folk handicrafts refer to a kind of arts and crafts pro […]

Folk handicrafts refer to a kind of arts and crafts produced by hand-made folks in order to meet the needs of life and aesthetic requirements. There are many kinds of handicrafts, such as Song Jin, bamboo weaving, straw weaving, hand embroidery, blue printed cloth, batik, handmade wood carving, clay sculpture, paper cutting, folk toys and so on. Due to the differences in the social history, customs, geographical environment, and aesthetic viewpoints of various regions and ethnic groups, the handicrafts in various regions have different styles and characteristics, which fully demonstrate the style of Chinese handmade art. But generally speaking, folk arts and crafts have their common characteristics. So what are the characteristics of folk handicrafts?

1. The shape, color and decoration are simple, simple and vivid

Folk crafts are mostly handmade by families. Choose appropriate raw materials and use simple tools and equipment. Although the production methods are simple, the handicrafts produced have the characteristics of conciseness, simplicity, dignity, and crispness. The special decorative patterns and colors are processed, and there are no ills of bureaucracy and grayness.

The main reason for forming this characteristic of folk crafts is that it is constrained by the simple beauty and appreciation habits of the people. Now many folk arts and crafts are changed to factory production, which is often tedious and stagnant.

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2. Local characteristics and national characteristics

Every artwork has its own personality, and folk handicrafts are notable for their strong local and national characteristics. Taking paper-cutting, for example, there are good works everywhere. If you look closely, you will feel that the works in the north are naive and thick; the works in the south are exquisite and clear. The strong local characteristics and ethnic style of the southern dyeing art are recognized by people. In a sense, the individual character of art is the life of art, and folk art works are more obvious on this point.

3. The beauty of everything, the interest of getting things

Folk artists are good at using the inherent characteristics of different materials, such as certain characteristics of texture and color, and morphological characteristics, and skillfully process them into exquisite crafts.

The recently popular root carving sketches are typical handicrafts of “getting fun”. People take advantage of the natural posture of the tree roots, and slightly modify, cut, and color them, and they will be presented to people with vivid figures and animals. The image of Gendiao is in line with the artistic technique of "between likeness and non-likeness", which is just the beauty of art.

Folk handicrafts with "beautiful beauty" are mostly expressed in small pieces of stone carving, wood carving, nuclear carving and other artworks. From the special use of its materials, it cannot be seen that this law is universal in folk crafts.

4. Most folk handicrafts have practical significance

Especially the weaving process is mostly applied utensils in life. These handicrafts are formed by people's continuous decoration and beautification in use. Most of the small products and large objects in the weaving process are of practical significance. Sichuan rattan has complete sets of furniture, not only in traditional ethnic styles, but also in modern furniture such as sofas.

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