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What are folk crafts?


What are folk crafts? Strictly speaking, folk crafts re […]

What are folk crafts? Strictly speaking, folk crafts refer to the process of processing objects, including the processing skills of artworks. The word "folk" in folk crafts does not refer to the production site or location of the product, but refers to the content of the product. In addition to the appearance that the viewer can see, the folk handicrafts produced by folk crafts have richer connotations. These connotations are the hallmarks that distinguish folk crafts from ordinary crafts. So what are folk crafts?

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Chinese kite art; not only has a long history due to the long tradition of national culture, but also has a rich and varied regional culture, and it has a thousand ties with music, dance, drama, folklore, religion, etc. in various historical periods, regions, and ethnic groups Thousands of connections. Due to the different life experiences, different cultural levels, and different knowledge structures of kite artists and kite makers from all walks of life across the country, in the production of kites, an art system with varied flowers and different styles have been formed.

Inner painting

The art of internal painting is a unique art form in China. It is divided into four schools: Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, and Guangdong. Among them, the internal painting of the Ji school has the highest level, the largest scale, the fastest development, and the greatest influence. The cultural heritage protection list, the birthplace of the Ji School's internal paintings-Hengshui, Hebei, was also named "the hometown of Chinese internal painting" by the Ministry of Culture The art of internal painting is an art form unique to China, and its origin originated in the painting of snuff bottles. The painting method of the internal painting is a special deformed fine brush. In the pot blank of glass, crystal, amber and other materials, the detailed picture is hand-painted with elegant style and exquisite brushwork. Internal painting artists have a variety of different skills. Among them, Zhao Qinghua, an internal painting artist from Hebei Mohai Art Garden, is good at painting lifelike pictures of people in crystal balls. His works are brilliant, and they are good gifts for etiquette.

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