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What is the role of cement crafts mixed with talcum powder?


For whitening and cost reduction, Lianhua brand talcum […]

For whitening and cost reduction, Lianhua brand talcum powder is recommended

Talc powder can make the surface of cement crafts smoother and stronger.

1. Talcum powder has a smaller particle size than cement particles and a coarser cement particle size. After the two are mixed, they can be filled with each other to improve the compactness of cement crafts;

2. Talc powder: The English name of talc powder is,

(1) It is a white or almost white, fine, non-sandy powder with a greasy feel to the hand.

(2) Odorless and tasteless. This product is insoluble in water, dilute mineral acid or dilute alkali hydroxide solution.

(3) Can be used for medicinal purposes.

3. Cement: The word, developed from Latin, means crushed stone and schist. There are three main types of cement production processes.

(1) Raw meal grinding: cement process [], divided into dry method and wet method. The dry method generally adopts a closed-circuit operating system, that is, the raw materials are ground by the mill and then enter the separator for sorting, and the coarse powder flows back into the mill and then grinds. Most of the materials are dried and ground in the mill at the same time. The equipment used includes tube mill, intermediate discharge mill and roller mill. The wet method usually uses an open circuit system such as a tube mill and a baseball mill that passes through the mill once and does not return back. However, there are also closed circuit systems with a classifier or an arc screen.

(2) Cement clinker calcination: There are two main types of equipment for calcination of clinker: vertical kiln and rotary kiln. Vertical kilns are suitable for small-scale factories. Large and medium-sized factories should use rotary kilns.

(3) Cement Cement Grinding: The fine grinding of cement clinker usually adopts the loop grinding process (ie, closed-circuit operation system). In order to prevent dust during production from flying, cement plants are equipped with dust collection equipment. Electric dust collectors, bag dust collectors and cyclone dust collectors are commonly used dust collection equipment in cement plants.cement handicrafts Suppliers

Which is softer, talc or graphite?
Talc is a silicate layered structure with a small amount of counter ions (ie, a small amount of ionic bonds) between layers; even if these counter ions do not exist, the overall deformability of silicon and oxygen in silicate is stronger than that of carbon, so The intermolecular forces are also relatively stronger;

Graphite is a layered structure of pure carbon, with only intermolecular forces between layers;

Therefore, it is speculated that graphite is relatively softer.

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What is talcum powder and how to use it?
Types of talcum powder

Chemical grade

Uses: Used in rubber, plastic, paint, and other chemical industries as a strengthening and modifying filler. Features: Increase the stability of the product shape, increase the tensile strength, shear strength, flexural strength, pressure strength, reduce deformation, elongation, thermal expansion coefficient, high whiteness, uniform particle size dispersion and other characteristics.

Ceramic grade

Uses: used in the manufacture of high-frequency porcelain, radio porcelain, various industrial ceramics, architectural ceramics, daily-use ceramics and ceramic glazes. Features: High temperature does not change color, whiteness is enhanced after calcination, uniform density, good gloss and smooth surface.

Cosmetic grade

Uses: It is a high-quality filler in the cosmetics industry. Features: Contains a lot of silicon. It has the effect of blocking infrared rays, so it enhances the sun-proof and anti-infrared properties of cosmetics.

Pharmaceutical and food grade

Uses: Used as additives in medicine and food industries. Features: It has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, high whiteness, good compatibility, strong gloss, soft taste and strong smoothness. The PH value is 7-9, which will not degrade the characteristics of the original product.

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