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Several tips for making concrete flower pots with discarded materials


It is very easy to make some exquisite flower pots by y […]

It is very easy to make some exquisite flower pots by yourself. You only need to prepare enough materials. The following techniques are some techniques for making concrete flower potsplastic foam concrete flower pot. You need to prepare a set of molds, which can be replaced by cardboard. The pots will be very strong, inexpensive and easy to make.
This is a square flowerpot made of concrete. It looks very unique because it is coated with a layer of white and gold waterproof paint.

Before making a concrete flowerpot, you must first make a mold. First, determine what kind of flowerpot you want to make, whether it is round or square. Novices can first try to make a round flowerpot.
After planting the plant, it will look very fresh, and it also has a very large drainage hole at the bottom, so you don’t have to be afraid of the plant’s standing water and rotten roots.

Prepare two round pots of different sizes, the height should be the same, and the difference in size should not be too large. The difference in diameter between the two large round pots is about 1 to 3 cm. The difference in diameter is the thickness of the concrete flower pot.
You can use cardboard, which can only be used as a disposable mold. Making a set of concrete flower pots is wasteful. If you use iron or glass containers, you can make concrete flower pots repeatedly.

Before making the flower pot, you must spray some vegetable oil or non-stick spray on the disc to make the surface of the container smooth, so that the concrete can fall off after it is solidified. If it is a wooden circle The basin needs to be coated with wax.

After that, you need to cut several sections of PVC water pipes. The size of the water pipe is the size of the drain hole, and the diameter is about 2 to 3 cm.
Be sure to wear gloves when making concrete flower pots, which can protect your hands from concrete damage. After that, follow the instructions on the cement package to make the mix. If necessary, you can change the color of the concrete.

The first is to put the cut PVC pipe in a large round basin, and then pour the mixed concrete. Generally, to make a concrete flowerpot, there are 3~4 drainage holes, and 3~4 PVC pipes need to be put in. The height of the PVC pipe is the thickness of the bottom of the whole flowerpot.

After the bottom layer is covered with concrete, avoid concrete blocking the PVC pipe, and then cover a small round basin, pay attention to the order of the round basin, do not put it crooked.
Then I carefully put the concrete in the gap between the big disc and the small disc. This gap is the thickness of the entire flower pot. Then, fill in the concrete evenly. After installing the concrete, I level it out a bit. The concrete on the top can be smoothed directly with a wooden board.
The concrete flowerpot made with cardboard as the mold above looks very rough, but it is also because the proportion of concrete is not good.

Then put it in a ventilated place. Generally, it takes 24 hours for the concrete to solidify before taking out the small container. You can use a spray bottle to evenly spray cold water onto the concrete. Don’t rush to remove the big round basin, otherwise it will be easy. Caused the concrete flowerpot to crack.

Although the concrete flowerpot above is not exquisitely made, it has a very unique feeling, which I also like.

Then you need to prepare a transparent plastic film to cover the concrete. You can often spray water on the concrete to keep the concrete properly moist. The concrete will completely solidify after a week.


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