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What potted plants are best for the body?


Tiger Piran Unlike other plants, the succulent stems of […]

Tiger Piran

Unlike other plants, the succulent stems of Tiger Piran are closed during the day and open at night. When people sleep, they absorb bai carbon dioxide, release oxygen, increase the oxygen content in the room, increase the number of negative ions, and ensure that the human body can breathe and sleep normally, which is very beneficial to human health.

Tiger Piran can also remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, heavy metal particles, etc. A bedroom of about 15 square meters with 2-3 pots of Tiger Piran can absorb about 80% of the toxic gas. Putting a basin in the bedroom does not suffer.

Maintenance points:

1. Tolerance of drought and waterlogging, water once every 10 days and a half months in spring, summer and autumn, and once a month in winter.

2. The root system is shallow, and the flowerpot should be shallower but with a larger mouth. The soil is mixed with sand and the roots will not be rotten.

3. Bury a few slow-release fertilizers on the side of the pot every month, or pour the decomposed rice-washing water once a month to grow faster.




The emerald green color of aloe vera makes people feel relaxed and happy, and it can absorb the pollution in the air at night, making the sleeping environment cleaner, improving the air quality, and allowing the family to rest better.

Aloe vera is also an all-rounder in air purification. It can absorb harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde in the air, and it can also kill unhelpful microorganisms in the air.

Maintenance points

1. Be afraid of waterlogging, water less, 2-3 times a month, and once in January in winter.

2. Not cold-resistant, easy to frostbite, and the maintenance temperature in winter is guaranteed to be above 10 degrees.

3. The soil is more mixed with sand to prevent root rotChina artificial potted plant factory, and more sunshine and nitrogen fertilizer will grow faster!

Longevity flower

The longevity flower, also called the longevity flower, has a great meaning, is easy to feed, and has large leaves that can inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night.

Longevity flowers can also increase air humidity, reduce dryness in the house in autumn and winter, purify the closed indoor environment at night, and improve our sleep quality.

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