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  • Several symbolic meanings of buddha posture

    Several symbolic meanings of buddha posture

    We usually see that there are three postures of Buddha statues in Bai, Du, Standing Buddha, and Reclining BuddhaChina mini Buddha zen garden factory. It is estimated that not many people know the symbolic meaning of Buddha statues. Here Nanshu Jinghonghan will help you explain it, Nanjing Honghan Ar... read more

    Dec 11,2020 News
  • How can fleshy grow fast?

    How can fleshy grow fast?

    1. Sunshine The lower limit of solar radiation for plant growth is about 10MJ/㎡, which means that plants will grow if they exceed this number, and they will consume themselves if they are below this number. The sunshine time and radiation amount in each area can be checked, let alone I remember Beij... read more

    Dec 04,2020 News
  • Which plants are succulents?

    Which plants are succulents?

    Succulents include bai cactus family du and succulent plants. Their stems and leaves are thick and succulent. They have a developed water storage structure. They are the physiological characteristics of long-term shu adapting to arid environment. They have strange shapes and bright flowersChina arti... read more

    Nov 27,2020 News
  • Can mini potted plants be grown?

    Can mini potted plants be grown?

    1. First of all, we must select fully natural ripe lemon fruit. If there is no fully natural ripe lemon fruit, the germination rate of its seeds is relatively low, and it is not easy to survive after germination.    2. After taking out the lemon seeds from the fruit, select the relatively plump, lar... read more

    Nov 20,2020 News
  • What kind of bonsai can purify indoor air?

    What kind of bonsai can purify indoor air?

    Plants that can absorb toxic chemicals Aloe, spider plant, tigertail orchid, monophyllum and monstera are natural cleaners, which can remove harmful substances in the air. Studies have shown that Tigertail orchid and Chlorophytum can absorb more than 80% of the harmful gases in the room, and have a ... read more

    Nov 14,2020 News